Mutsu: Mieru Me Episode 01-10 (Completed) Subtitle Indonesia

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Drama: Painless - Eye Can Diagnose
Romaji: Mutsu - Mieru Me -
Japanese: 無痛~診える眼~
Director: Yuichi Sato, Takao Kinoshita, Daiden Yamauchi
Writer: Yo Kusakabe (novel), Tomomi Okubo
Network: Fuji TV
Episodes: 10
Release Date: October 7, 2016
Runtime: Wednesdays 22:00
Duration: 45 min
Status: Completed
Penerjemah: Partahadi
TLC/Editor: Jazuly
Uploader: Partahadi


Eisuke Tameyori (Hidetoshi Nishijima) is a middle-aged private practice physician. He has the ability to diagnose someone's condition just by looking at their appearance. He is also able to recognize people who will commit crimes in the future by certain symptoms and tries to prevent them from committing those acts. He meets Detective Junichiro Hayase (Atsushi Ito) and they soon work together to solve cases.


Mutsu- Mieru Me-Hidetoshi Nishijima.jpg Mutsu- Mieru Me-Atsushi Ito.jpg Mutsu- Mieru Me-Hideaki Ito.jpg Mutsu- Mieru Me-Anna Ishibashi.jpg Mutsu- Mieru Me-Aoi Nakamura.jpg
Hidetoshi Nishijima Atsushi Ito Hideaki Ito Anna Ishibashi Aoi Nakamura
Eisuke Tameyori Junichiro Hayase Yoji Shirakami Namiko Takashima Tadateru Ibara
Mutsu- Mieru Me-Minami Hamabe.jpg Mutsu- Mieru Me-Miyoko Asada.jpg Mutsu- Mieru Me-Masane Tsukayama.jpg Mutsu- Mieru Me-Maki Miyamoto.jpg Mutsu- Mieru Me-Toru Baba.jpg
Minami Hamabe Miyoko Asada Masane Tsukayama Maki Miyamoto Toru Baba
Satomi Minami Kazue Inoue Minoru Kurume Ikiyoharu Yoko Takeshi Oota

Additional Cast Members:

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